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FEMATEK is now 12 years old!

The Company was established in 2006, to provide European quality products and services to clients in steel industry, while competing with Asian suppliers on price level and lead time.

Today FEMATEK is working with top global OEMs in steel industry and directly with leading steel producers local and global. We are unique in our position in Turkey and abroad, in terms of ability to work both with FCs and OEMs, without any conflicts and with the highest integrity.

Our mission it to provide contribution to National and international heavy industry, to ensure working conditions complying with technology needs and requirements increasing day by day, to support the policies increasing growing and employment needed by National economy, to make high quality production in international standards, to ensure delivery in time and beginning from the perspective of providing value for human being, to support Occupational Health and Safety and Environment Policies with the practices. Our company operates with a conscious approach to get rid of occupational hazards in their sources, to minimize the risks and to destroy occupational accident by doing so.

FEMATEK takes its power from the value being assigned for its employees and customers.

Our vision is to vary our production in parallel with the needs of the country, to make cooperations with foreign companies dealing with this matter, to provide the latest technological opportunities and to achieve sustainable development acceleration.

For this purpose, taking required steps for achieving a leading position in the sector, creating a corporate culture and developing a corporate memory, are among our targets.

FEMATEK guarantees to take all measures to protect health and safety of its employees.

We are thankful for your belief in FEMATEK and trust in us with your most important and delicate projects. We are young and still learning, yet our experience so far is serving us well in reducing CAPEX cost for new steel plant investments. We are working relentlessly to improve our capabilities both in manufacturing and sourcing, and looking forward to continue working with you for the next ten years and beyond.


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