In 2017, we proudly achieved remarkable growth at a time during which both local and global economies have been facing deterioration and headwinds at different levels.

We always believed that investing in our employees’ know-how and developing our plant capabilities will be the key elements for higher and more sustainable productivity.  In line with this spirit, we did our best to continue improving ourselves.

In 2018, we will keep up our efforts to be a steady role model in our sector and deliver sustainable growth.


Although technology continues to progress at an incredible speed, we believe that not only qualified but also happy employees make a significant difference in today’s and tomorrow’s world.  Therefore, in 2017, we gave great importance to the training of our HR Management team.


We are aware of how important and powerful communication is, both within our own people as well as with all parties that work with us.  We also realise that good communication is a skill that must be nurtured and developed proactively.  For this reason, we have invested in training to improve our communication skills of our employees.


Being an international company, we value our employees’ foreign language skills. In 2017, not only we had improved our English speaking abilities, but also had great fun while practicing our communications skills.


FEMATEK strongly believes that all employees should be encouraged to work in accordance with their most powerful skills and abilities.  We encourage every member of our team to work in the role where they would be most productive and happy.  We provided a special Leadership Training Program to help our employees understand their leadership skills, and how to improve their knowledge on how to obtain further success with their team.


In order to better serve our customers, we first need to coordinate effectively within our team.  While this happens on a daily basis as part of our job, we have invested in ensuring all our team members are trained to do this at their best.  We have done this by developing know-how on moving towards Common Goals, and learning new techniques on Leadership, Motivation, Process Optimization and Change Management.

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